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Published: June 1, 2021

Contact Lens Safety

Contact lens safety is something all contact lens wearers must understand, the safety of your eyes rely on your care and consideration.

#1 Safety tip, if you ever feel pain or discomfort wearing lenses, remove them immediately. The sooner you remove them, the more likely you are to not experience a serious problem. If you feel pain or discomfort and do not remove the lenses, you will increase your chances of infection or some eye related health problems. You could be hospitalized, you could potentially lose your vision.

Simple Lists of things you should ALWAYS do regarding contact lenses.

  1. Always inspect your lenses before each use, use a q-tip and and look closely for rips
  2. Always check if your contact lenses are inside-out, if they are inside-out you will feel extreme pain
  3. Always wash hands before handling your lenses, before & after wearing.
  4. Always store lenses in a proper contact lens case
  5. Always store lenses in proper contact lens solution
  6. Always clean your contact lens case before putting lenses back inside for storage.
  7. Always check your contact lens case in case you need to add more solution.

Simple List of things you should NEVER do regarding contact lenses.

  1. Never sleep in your contact lenses
  2. Never share contact lenses with someone else
  3. Never use water to clean your contact lenses
  4. Never use water to rinse your contact lenses
  5. Never use water to store your contact lenses

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