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Published: June 25, 2021

How long can you wear Colored Contacts?

There isn't one length of time for all colored contacts. Wear-time is dependent on multiple factors, we'll explain.

What factors dictate the wear-time?

  • Material used
  • Sterilization Process
  • How did you handle your colored contacts?
  • How did you store your colored contacts?

Even an expiration date printed on your colored contact lens box is not a 100% guarantee about your lens expiration. For example if you let your lenses dry out, and then place them in solution for storage, you could experience a lower lifespan than printed on the box.

Some lens material and sterilization processes provide a lifespan ranging from 1-Day (single use) to 1 Year (many uses).

Refer to the instructions included with your purchase and make sure to always care for your colored contacts.

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